E-impound is the only SaaS solution dedicated to coordinate all the players involved in the management of obstructive parking.

Turnkey solution

Cloud based and ready to use

GDPR Compliant

Anonymized and secured data, stored in Europe

24/7 Support

Engineers available at any time to answer your enquiries promptly and efficiently

Works offline

information registered regardless of the quality of your network

How does it work ?

Impound management software for law enforcement agents : 3 steps only !


Create impound order and inventory

Through an intuitive mobile app, law enforcement agents complete impound orders and inventory within less than a minute

Impound order creation directly on mobile

Dematerialized impound notice and inventory

Real time location of the law enforcement agent

Instant messaging

Historization of inspected streets


Field agents fill out the impound order directly on mobile along with the taking of photos.

They are geolocated and all the information back automatically on the web interface of the dispatcher.

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Control and dispatch

E-impound centralizes all information from the field on an interactive map.

Customized interactive map

Impound orders view in table or map mode


Agents and tow truck operator real time tracking

Full activity history

Live impoundment status


Ready to dispatch ?

You can do it yourself in a few clicks directly on the web interface or let us do it for you!

Our smart algorithm automatically sends the request to the registered tow truck operator best equipped and placed to perform the task


Receive and remove

Once a tow truck operator is assigned to an impound request, all information is automatically sent to their phone

Automatic reception of impound requests

Dematerialized impound notice and inventory reception

Real time location of the tow truck operator

Automatic update of the impound request

Customized notifications


With all the information at their fingertips, the tow truck operator can handle impound requests in total autonomy.

Say Goodbye to manual data re-entry and back and forth phone/radio calls !

Who we are

The control of public roads is a key element of urban mobility policies. Optimizing the impound process improves the share of public space, prevents traffic jams and strengthens the attractiveness of your city's commercial and/or tourist industry.

And so, e-impound was launched: a solution developed for municipalities with the objective of clearing the roads and democratizing access to public parking. In addition to that, e-impound ensures the traceability of the citizen's vehicle and provides a complaints channel so that Town Halls can always be close to their population.

Implemented in the city of Paris for over 2 years, e-impound is the cutting-edge technology needed by all Smart Cities. Much more than web / mobile applications, e-impound is an innovative process that gives cities and citizens total control over mobility, with maximum efficiency and lowest cost.

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