In order to understand the benefits of something, nothing is better than a real case. So, let's have a look at the City of Paris. 


Increase of the impound rate, from 20% to 40%. Check !

The first objective of the city was to optimize the action of its agents. With this need in top of mind, a call for tender was issued in 2016, and to which we responded.
A key figure makes it possible to measure the effects of such a change, that of the rate of vehicle removal. This value indicates the percentage of vehicle impounded, on all requests initiated. It directly reflects the speed of action of the parties involved, and the performance of the tool.
Since the acquisition of our product on January 1, 2017, the numbers have just jumped! The initial rate of 20% has steadily increased in the last three years, doubling to 40%. We can say that the change was really felt!

Save money. Check !

The digital transformation of community and state services has been a major issue in recent years. E-impound stands as a complete alternative to the management of the impound process.
The result in numbers? The city of Paris has reduced its paper consumption for its activity, from 32,000 annual sheet forms to less than 2,000! A reduction of 93.75%! Eco-friendly and cost-saving!


Improve the process efficiency. Check !

Using E-impound also means guaranteeing a reliable and quality service.
Our processes have been thought and designed to serve the activity of law enforcement agents, guiding them at every step. In addition, all information is kept in a protected format!
The impacts of such a system are immediate on the quality of service. In three years, the loss and error rates on impound requests have gone from 10% to less than 1%!
In addition, our app offers complete and detailed information, and have reduced the number of annual disputes by more than 50%!

Convenience and adherence. Check !


But this, our users can explain better than us 🙂